At both manufacturers and retailers, residual batches are created that are not further processed. Youngstox would like to take over these parties

Return goods

By buying returned goods, Youngstox contributes to the circular economy. Returned goods can often no longer be sold as new because, for example, the packaging is missing or there is (light) usage damage. Youngstox gives returned goods a new chance. In this way we can help the environment and you!

Assortment change

Sometimes certain products do not sell or no longer sell, then you can adjust the range. Youngstox can buy the goods from you that are no longer sold.


In these uncertain times, many suppliers and retailers unfortunately go bankrupt. Youngstox can take over all the stocks at once. The curator can contact us to make a proper arrangement. This way we contribute to a good and fast settlement of the bankruptcy.


Youngstox is an honest and transparent company. We always ensure good agreements and correct handling. After a viewing and a valuation, we make clear agreements with you about delivery and payment.